Updates to LDS Tools Mobile App

lds-tools-iconThe LDS Tools mobile app continues to improve. The information below was published on the LDSTech website on March 27, 2015. Note that the next release due in a few months will include home and visiting teaching data and reports.

The LDS Tools mobile team has just released an upgrade for Android and iOS (Apple). New features make the app more versatile for connecting with other members, leaders, and missionaries. According to Justin Krebs, product manager for LDS Tools, “The addition of missionary contact information in LDS Tools makes it easier for members to contact missionaries and coordinate their efforts in hastening the work of salvation.”


The monthly user base of over 1 million devices running LDS Tools is evenly spread between iOS and Android. If you are a mobile user, you will find the upgraded app a valuable resource in your line-up of mobile favorites. Here are some key features:

1)      Reports and additional membership data are now available to members of the ward council, including their presidencies and secretaries, which give them access to reports from Leader and Clerk Resources (LCR) on their mobile devices. The additional data access for leaders requires a Passcode (iOS) or a PIN (Android) to keep sensitive information private. If the app is left idle and open, the user’s session times out and requires the user to reenter their LDS Tools Passcode or PIN. 

2)      The missionary menu shows missionaries assigned to your ward and missionaries serving from your stake, along with photos and contact information. The information is kept up to date by the local mission office, so you can keep up with your missionaries by performing a data sync. Both member and missionary profiles connect to maps to help find where people live and to locate meetinghouses. Members have contact information for missionaries, and missionaries in missions with mission-issued mobile devices have member information for their assigned wards.

3)      Navigation within the app is improved. A new directory sort called “Family” is available for Android, and is set as the default which makes scrolling through the directory, and tapping on individual members, easier to manage. A “Household” view is also available on iOS, which shows a head of household and family members in a new window when the head of household is selected from the directory. Privacy settings within a user profile allow members to decide what contact elements are visible to which groups, and directory search now uses both street address lines.

4)      Improved functionality could easily be overlooked by the simplicity of the menu structure. For example, you can add events to your device’s native calendar by “long-pressing” on a calendar event (iOS) or tapping the share icon (Android). When you select a member from the directory, you can create a new contact or update an existing contact on your mobile device’s contacts app. When you add a contact, the information is copied, so it does not automatically update when you re-sync your LDS Tools. For that you will need to edit the contact.

A useful feature in LDS Tools is the ability to create custom member lists from within the protected environment of the app. You create the list, add names from the directory, and then use the list to send email or text messages. A new feature allows you to sort your lists, or sort members within lists, in different ways. Custom lists do not disappear when the app is upgraded. The same annotation syncing service retains your custom lists (similar to notes in Gospel Library). Lists created in LDS Tools on one mobile device automatically migrate to your other mobile devices.

New versions of LDS Tools for Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1 were also recently released. Adding additional functionality including membership data and reports to the Windows versions of LDS Tools to match what currently exist in the iOS and Android versions of LDS Tools is being evaluated, but no timeline has been established at this point.

Additional help for LDS Tools may be found at the following links:

Join the LDS Tools Beta Test Group: https://www.lds.org/help/support/join-the-lds-tools-beta-test-group?lang=eng


Meet the Mormons DVD & Blu-ray

The movie ‎Meet The Mormons‬ is now available in stores on DVD and Blu-ray. It has over an hour of never-before-seen footage and bonus features and it has soundtracks in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

meet-mormons-artistOne of the bonus features is a new story. The movie shown in theaters highlighted 6 members of the Church, but the DVD and Blu-ray version includes a 7th character, “The Artist.” Italian-born artist Giovanna Nezhati illuminates the beauty in the world and unlocks the beauty in others. Her story is available exclusively on the bonus features of the DVD and Blu-ray.

Meet-the-Mormons-DVDYou can get a copy today at the following locations:

  • Amazon: DVD ($6.96) or Blu-ray ($9.96)
  • Deseret Book stores and online: DVD ($7.99) or Blu-ray ($12.99)
  • LDS Bookstore: DVD ($7.99)
  • Walmart stores and online at Walmart.com: DVD ($6.96) or Blu-ray ($9.96)
  • BestBuy stores and line at BestBuy.com DVD ($8.99) or Blu-ray ($12.99)
  • Costco stores

The movie is also available by video-on-demand.

Learn more about the movie Meet the Mormons.



No matter where you are, Jesus Christ’s love is universal. Show us where you see His influence in your life. Share your experiences on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using the hashtag #BecauseHeLives.

As part of this Easter’s Because He Lives invitation, we invite you to print a marker like the one shown below and take a picture with it and share it online with the hashtag #BecauseHeLives. Show us where in the world you find the influence of Jesus Christ.


Get the marker at http://edge.mormoncdn.org/bc/content/assets/pdf/easter/markers/Marker_print_eng.pdf or see HeLives.Mormon.org

Here’s an example of a seminary class:



A.D.: The Bible Continues, TV Miniseries

ad-bible-continuesWatch A.D.: The Bible Continues, a 12-week television miniseries that portrays the events after the crucifixion of Christ. It premieres Easter Sunday, April 5, on NBC in the USA.

the-bible-jesusIt is produced by Mark Burnett and Roma Downey, who also produced The Bible TV miniseries and the movie Son of God. I have previewed the first episode of A.D.: The Bible Continues and find it to be exceptionally well done, as were the previous two productions.

  • The Bible was a 10-part miniseries that aired on the History Channel in March 2013. It was watched by 100 million viewers.
  • The feature-length film Son of God evolved from the work done on The Bible. It opened in theaters in February 2014 and earned almost $60 million. Read my review of the Son of God movie.

The nice thing about Burnett, Downey, and their partners at the production company Lightworkers Media is that they are creating films that appeal to a broad spectrum of faith. Their movies are uplifting and inspiring, in contrast to other movies that could have been faithful and inspiring, but were not, such as Noah and Exodus.


Both The Bible and Son of God are available for streaming on Netflix and Amazon Instant Video, and also for purchase on DVD.

Learn more about the producers Mark Burnett and Roma Downey and their projects in the article “Looking back at ‘The Bible': Why the miniseries was successful, and where it has led.”

Read the article “8 Questions Mormons Might Have About NBC’s New Bible Series.”

When sharing information on social media about this miniseries, please use the hashtag #ADTheSeries.


Easter Invitation: Because He Lives


Throughout the Christian world, Easter brings a variety of thoughts and emotions about the life, death, and Resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ. It is a perfect time to begin conversations about His love for us and His willingness to lay down His life “that we might live” (1 John 4:9).

This Easter, the Church invites you to discover, embrace, and share the gift of Jesus Christ. Read the article “Because He Lives,” by Elder Russell M. Nelson in the March Ensign, Liahona, and New Era magazines.

Today, the Church released the video Because He Lives. You can find the video at HeLives.mormon.org and in the Gospel Library mobile app.

The website provides a day-by-day recounting of the last week of the Savior’s life. The website and videos are available in the following 21 languages: Albanian, Armenian, Cebuano, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Tagalog, Thai, and Ukrainian.

On the website, you can learn about the last week of the Savior’s life. Also, watch Church social media pages for inspiring messages and images you can share with family and friends. Use the hashtag #BecauseHeLives as you share these messages.

On April 5, the Church will be the only advertiser on YouTube’s home page in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Japan, Italy, and Brazil. It is expected that hundreds of millions of people will see a 15-second version of the video, with an invitation to learn more at HeLives.mormon.org.

You can get pass-along cards in the 21 languages listed above from your distribution center or from store.lds.org. These cards can be used beyond the Easter holiday as you invite others to learn more about Jesus and His Atonement.

You can also print a marker from the website and take a picture with it and share it online with the hashtag #BecauseHeLives. Show us where in the world you find the influence of Jesus Christ.

Share various images with the hashtag #BecauseHeLives.

I also invite you to consider personally what you can do during the #BecauseHeLives initiative to come more fully unto Jesus Christ. What can you offer Him? How can you become more like Him? As you seek to be more like Him, your capacity to help others to do likewise will be magnified.

  • Help others discover Jesus Christ by talking with them about Him. Focus your conversations on the truth that He lives and that He can help us in our daily lives.
  • Help others embrace the gift of Jesus Christ by inviting them to learn more about the restored gospel.
  • Help others share Jesus Christ by asking them to invite others to learn more of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

Below is a list of the hashtags and direct website addresses in various languages:because-he-lives-hashtags-urls





Prepare for LDS General Conference April 2015

video-prepare-ldsconfSaturday is the General Women’s Session of LDS General Conference. For information on how to watch it, see the “How to View Live” page of conference.lds.org.

Watch this short video “Find Answers to Your Questions:”

Why does preparing for general conference matter? It is a special opportunity we have to learn from living prophets and apostles and to receive personal revelation. What questions and challenges do you need direction and guidance on?


Go to the “Prepare for General Conference” page for ideas to make the most out of your conference experience. The page is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Russian, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese.

You may also want to read the chapter “General Conference” in the manual Teachings of the Living Prophets Student Manual, pages 70–83.


10 Ways to Make YouTube Safer for Your Kids

youtube-kidsIf you let your kids on YouTube without thinking twice, it’s time to start thinking twice.

Yahoo Tech has published a list of  “10 Ways to Make YouTube Safer for Your Kids.”

Also consider the new YouTube Kids mobile app with parental controls.





Translations of the Book of Mormon

Book of Mormon translationsOver the years, I have posted articles listing the available translations of the Book of Mormon. Each time a new translation is published,  I have published a new list.

I have now created a standing list of the translations of the Book of Mormon, both in alphabetical and in chronological order. I will update the list each time a new translation is published. You can reference the list at any time by clicking the link under the heading “LDS Resources” in the right sidebar of this website.


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3 Ways to Prepare Children for the LDS Temple

children-templeIn this article, the Primary general presidency shares 3 ways we can prepare our children for the temple:

  1. Set a worthy example.
  2. Take time to teach.
  3. Involve children in family history.

Read “Three Ways You Can Prepare Your Children for the Temple.”

family at temple







Use LDSjobs.org as a Resource for Job Hunting

young-man-computerLooking for a job can be frustrating and challenging, especially if you have been out of the job market for several years.

To help you be self-sufficient, the Church offers an online resource for job hunting at LDSjobs.org. You can also get personal help through email or over the phone from missionaries who are trained in helping you find a job.

LDSjobs.org can help you get a job, find a better job, or get more education to improve your current job.

job-2With LDSjobs.org, you can

  • Create an online profile that can be seen by potential employers.
  • Access a giant database of open job positions.
  • Read articles with tips and techniques to help you find and interview for a job.
  • Read success stories from others.

Nearly 80% of job openings in the U.S. are not advertised. The current job market lends itself to the old saying, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” That’s why there are articles on LDSjobs.org to help you learn how to network to find out about jobs and get your resume to the right person.

job-1If you need help finding or improving your job, look into the resources at LDSjobs.org. If you know someone who could use it, please let them know about it.



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Technology Can Enhance Spiritual Communication

texting-truth-video-ldsIn a new Mormon Messages video “Texting Truth,” eight young men preparing to serve LDS missions explain how they use their phones to uplift and inspire each other daily.

The young men from Logan, Utah, send group text messages to each other to share scriptures or general conference talks that they come across in their personal study.

“We usually like what we’re saying to each other because we’re in the same boat,” said one young man in the video.

Another explained, “If I’m not reading my scriptures, I feel like I’m letting them down or something.”

Just last conference, Elder Scott said the following:

You live in a world where technological advances occur at an astounding pace. It is difficult for many of my generation to keep up with the possibilities. Depending on how technology is used, these advances can be a blessing or a deterrent. Technology, when understood and used for righteous purposes, need not be a threat but rather an enhancement to spiritual communication.

For example, many of us have a personal electronic device that fits into our pocket. We are seldom without its company; we may refer to it many times a day. Unfortunately, these devices can be a source of filth and wasted time. But, used with discipline, this technology can be a tool of protection from the worst of society.

Who could have imagined not very many years ago that the full standard works and years of general conference messages would fit into your pocket? Just having them in your pocket will not protect you, but studying, pondering, and listening to them during quiet moments of each day will enhance communication through the Spirit.”  Elder Richard G. Scott, “For Peace at Home,” April 2015 General Conference


Mobile Apps Created by LDS Members

lds-apps-gamesBelow is a list of LDS mobile apps that your family may enjoy. They were created by members and are not sponsored by the Church. They are all available on public websites or App Store sites.

These are the apps that were submitted in the 2014 Gospel App & Game Contest. They represent a variety of  interests, and options that are sure to appeal to any family.

Comment below about which ones you like the best.


App Name & Link Description
A B See Enjoy learning the alphabet (and numbers) through visual associations, using: upper & lowercase letters, photographs, sounds, 3D objects, a memory game, and a geo-location experience. Also available on iOS (below).
FHE Planner Create and manage highly customized agendas for family home evening. Keep a history of past agendas as well.
Gospel Study Challenge Pro Drive gospel study efforts among a group of friends or family by issuing a challenge, tracking progress, and including an element of competition.
Gospel Treasures A collection of gospel themed quiet games
Home Teaching Way to store info/notes on families you home teach. From app, view message, contact families/companion, email report, view map of where families live.
Indoor Ideas Parenting for free, one minute at a time! 365 videos to spark imaginative play.
Journey to the Desert The game is about the history of the brother of Jared and his preparation to go to the promised land.
LDS Apostles Explore Church History from a new perspective! “”LDS Apostles”” lets you see what the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles looked like at any point in modern history. Drag the slider from 1832 to the present day to see who the leaders were in that year. Or for more precise control, select the calendar button in the toolbar to select an exact date. Tab on a picture to see the biography.
LDS Children’s Activity App This is an app for children who need something churchy to get them through sacrament meeting. There are various games including memory, 2048, and simon.
LDS Podcasts Free A collection of podcasts and audio streams selected to cover a variety of interests for members of the church.
LDS Temple Puzzles Sliding puzzle game featuring 17 different temples in more than 30 pictures, plus you can use your own. Adjustable difficulty for all ages.
LDS Tweets Free A convenient collection of Twitter feeds including official accounts from the Church as well as others that are faith promoting. Especially useful for those interested in following LDS-oriented tweets but don’t have a Twitter account or don’t want to learn to use Twitter. Also lessens the chance of viewing inappropriate tweets.
Quiet Games 5 LDS games that are quiet, fun, and ad-free for General Conference or Church.
Scripture Chain Scripture Mastery game where, from a grid of words, you chain the correct words together from a grid of words.
Scripture Mastery SUPERSTAR! Memorize the D&C seminary scripture masteries in a new and fun way that combines text, voice acting, animation, and other mnemonic devices that help cement the concepts in your mind! Also available for iOS (below).
Sunbeam Roundup Sunbeam Roundup teaches primary kids how to be reverent by having them teach a class of rowdy Sunbeams. Six real lessons with more to come!
Harbinger of Truth A 3D Action Platformer symbolic of missionary work. Try to weave your way through the layers of reality to save the captured seeker of truth.
LDS Articles of Faith Learn the articles of faith. Settings include: fill in the blank, first letter, random levels, language selection, hints.
Missionary Tracker An app that allows you to track missionaries about to serve or that are currently serving in the field with different information on them.
LDS Scripture Mastery Study learn and memorize all 100 scripture mastery verses with settings for quiz type (fill in the blank, first letter, fill in only short words, long words, random workds) and hints.
LDS Texting Whenever you send a text message, a scripture pops up on your screen.
LDS Word Games Hangman and Word Scramble using words and names from LDS works and scriptures.
Lehi’s Escape Play as Lehi in a full 3D environment during 600 B.C. Jerusalem. Talk to key players, get missions, learn principles, then Go and Do!
LL Scripture Mastery How are your scripture memorizing skills? Want to improve in a simple and fun way? Do so now with Letter Legends: Scripture Mastery!
Music from EFY In this app. you can find Lyrics and YouTube videos for latest efy (especially for youth) songs.
One Stake Ask LDS members around the world for advice about the doctrine and gospel living.
Saving Samuel Tap the projectiles being thrown at Samuel.
THIS DAY in My Family History See all the events that happened on this day in your Family History!
Verse First Read a scripture first, then go about your business.
Who Wants To Be A Missionary? This game is similar to Who Wants to be a Millionarie, but the questions are LDS related.
Book of Mormon Adventures Play through the story of how the Jaredites came to be, solving puzzles along the way.
LDS BoM Adventure Play the first chapters of the BoM in these ‘mini-games’ inspired by popular games.
Old Testament Paper Doll Old Testament Paper Doll brings your children’s favorite Bible stories to life. Dress dolls. Create scenes. Save your masterpiece to share with family and friends.
Over Sea Over Plains Interactive illustrated true pioneer story about the journey of a convert family to Zion. Includes parallel story of musical immigrant mice (not true).
This is Catherine Illustrated interactive true pioneer story tells of a convert family’s journey to Zion from the perspective of a child. Engaging interaction for families.
My Mission (LDS) My Mission helps LDS missionaries organize and share their favorite missionary pictures, stories and experiences with their family and friends back home. (Also available on iOS and in Spanish.)
MormonTube MormonTube brings Mormon-related videos into one app for easy access to clean, uplifting content. Search, watch, and get notified about new videos. Also available on iOS and Web (below).

Apple iOS

F.H.E-Z F.H.E-Z is a “gospel-centered productivity app.” Its purpose is to help users plan and conduct their Family Home Evenings.
Inspired Questions- For Missionaries A communication game to prepare missionaries by encouraging self expression and testimony discovery and strengthening by asking them Inspired Questions. There are also social media sharing components.
LDS GPS Tour Guide-Independence to Nauvoo This app will help you plan your church history trip from Independence to Nauvoo. As you travel, a tour guide will come on automatically.
LDS Puzzler TEMPLE EDITION – Vol. 1 Explore the timeline of the temples…one puzzle at a time! Play from St. George to Hong Kong! 48 stretch-slider puzzles featuring temples between 1877-1996.
MormonTube MormonTube brings Mormon-related videos into one app for easy access to clean, uplifting content. Search, watch, and get notified about new videos. Also available on Android (above) and Web (below).
Promptings A journaling app which encourages you to write with questions from the scriptures, conference talks, Ensign & Liahona articles, etc.
Scripture Fling Scripture Fling is an exciting way to quickly connect verses with their references. All 100 Scriptures Mastery verses are included, each set with 4 levels of difficulty.
Scripture Masters Scripture Masters is a game that helps you memorize scripture masteries by having you fill in the blanks as you race against the clock.
Stake Dance Card This app is used to gain admittance to stake dances. The bishop must interview the youth and enter the stake password to activate the dance card. Features include a dance calendar, map, dress and behavior standards, and a sharing feature.
3D Book of Mormon Infinite Run FREE A fun and exciting 3D infinite runner game using characters and scenery from the Book of Mormon
Book of Mormon Jump the Fun LDS Jumping Game FREE A fun jumping game using characters from the Book of Mormon
Book of Mormon Match 3 Game FREE A Match-3 game based on Book of Mormon events
LDS Mormon Missionary Run FREE An infinite runner game where the characters are missionaries
SB-World_Shine Brite Kids Join the Shine Brite Kids on adventures and learn the Golden rule, to think positive, be kind, be diligent, doing your best and much more. Shinebrite.org (browser version also).
Scripture Mastery SUPERSTAR! Memorize the D&C seminary scripture masteries in a new and fun way that combines text, voice acting, animation, and other mnemonic devices that help cement the concepts in your mind!
A B See Enjoy learning the alphabet (and numbers) through visual associations, using: upper & lowercase letters, photographs, sounds, 3D objects, a memory game, and a geo-location experience. Android also available (above).


Deseret Alphabet Translator Bad speller? You’d have thanked Brigham Young for the Deseret Alphabet. Transport yourself to 1850s Territorial Utah with this useless but fascinating translator!
LDS Bingo Have your kids pay attention in sacrament by marking the picture when they hear it during sacrament meeting!
LDS Meetings This is a web application that generates Meeting Agendas (Programs, Bulletins, Schedules, etc.).
LDS Locations Locate historic church locations. (Might also be available for Apple iOS.)
Easy Autobiography Web site helping folks easily organize their life events, and to provide detailed stories about those important memories from their lives.
Guess My Mission This is a facebook app allowing future missionaries to allow friends to vote where he or she will serve. Correct guesses are recognized.
Hymnboard Hymnboard helps choristers (and families) plan, organize, and track hymns for church meetings and family home evenings.
LDSConventions System LDSConventions is a free event management system that will help to manage event registrations for any auxiliary.
Memory Fusion Social, real-time family history story collaboration. Write. Collaborate. Share. Discover.
ScriptureCharts.com ScriptureCharts.com is a free online scripture reading chart that allows you to track what you have read.
ShareMyTempleTrip.org ShareMyTempleTrip.org aims to increase temple attendance by facilitating the sharing of rides and babysitting (coming soon!) in your local wards and stakes.
Teancum’s Run The story of Teancum, how it should have ended. Continuous runner where you help Teancum escape from the Lamenites by Jumping, Running, and Sliding.
Cricket Cruncher Answer questions from the scriptures and church history to help the seagull save the pioneer garden from the hungry Mormon crickets.
LDS Scriptures A convenient way to read the standard works and now more on desktops and laptops, including Windows, Macs, Linux, and Chromebooks, all offline.
ScriptUReLookup ScriptUReLookup is a Google Chrome extension that generates URLs to specific scripture references in the LDS.org online scriptures and share those links via social media.
WordPress Ward WordPress Ward highlights Mormon Bloggers who publish on WordPress.com. The goal is to establish a Mormon community online. We have virtual “Ward Socials Link-Ups”, monthly “Blog Teaching” and “Sunday Talks” selected from blogs in the virtual ward.
MormonTube MormonTube brings Mormon-related videos into one app for easy access to clean, uplifting content. Search, watch, and get notified about new videos. Also available on Android and iOS (above).


LDS 4 Pics 1 Word Identify words based upon four pictures. Words are related to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, teachings, standard works and other gospel related themes.
Church Mouse Maze The player helps the Church Mouse find the cheese at the end of each Maze. The Mazes start off easy, but get harder each level.
Lesson Gospel Doctrine lesson helper. Takes lds.org lessons and puts them into OneNote along with the scriptures and highlighting.
Manna Mania A fun PC game, loosely based on events in the old testament. This is a PC game and requires a mouse and keyboard.
EZSolitaire [No link] Simplified solitaire card game with the General Authority’s picture and name on the back of the cards to help children and youth become familiar with the names and faces of Prophets and Apostles.

Kosraean is 110th Translation of Book of Mormon

scrptures in languagesThe Church has published a translation of the Book of Mormon in the Kosraean language, spoken in Kosrae, an island in Micronesia.

This marks the 110th translation of the Book of Mormon.

kosraean-book-mormonThe Kosraean Book of Mormon is available on LDS.org and in the Gospel Library mobile app. Printed copies will be available in July.

In the past, the Church released printed versions of new translations before the digital versions. Now the Church is releasing the digital versions at the same time translations are sent to the printer, which makes the newly translated scriptures available to members much earlier.

New Translations

In addition to Kosraean, several new translations of the scriptures will be announced over the next two years. Three new translations of the Book of Mormon and five additional translations of the triple combination of the scriptures will be published in 2015 alone.

More Languages Available Digitally

Many scripture translations are available online only as PDFs. The Church has been updating its translation databases to enable digital publishing to LDS.org, as well as the Gospel Library and Book of Mormon mobile apps, which allows members to use search, notes, highlights, and other study tools and scripture-marking features.

Members in the areas where these languages are spoken will be informed as digital versions are published. Members speaking Chinese (simplified characters), Setswana, Bislama, and Hiligaynon were the first to see these digital versions. The goal of the Scriptures Committee is to have most of the existing translations available on LDS.org by the end of 2016.

“We encourage members to obtain their own copies of the scriptures and to use them in regular personal and family study and in Church meetings and assignments,” the First Presidency wrote in a letter announcing the Kosraean Book of Mormon. “As members prayerfully learn and teach from the scriptures, their testimonies will grow and they will receive greater direction in their daily lives.”


LDS Face-to-Face Event With Elder & Sister Bednar


The next LDS Face-to-Face event for youth will be with Elder and Sister David A. Bednar on May 12, 2015 at 6:00pm MDT.

Elder and Sister Bednar will talk about how to strengthen your testimony as you learn a pattern for receiving answers to your questions.

Youth from around the world will be able to ask Elder and Sister Bednar questions before and during the event. All youth are invited to participate and are encouraged to invite their friends and family to join in.

Elder-Sister-Bednar-Face2FaceYou can submit questions before the event by commenting on the youth activities page. You can also send questions during the event on the same page or you can post questions on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using the hashtag #LDSface2face. Before submitting a question, seek the guidance of the Holy Ghost. If you had only one chance to ask an Apostle and his wife a question, what would it be?

The event will be streamed live on May 12, 2015, at 6:00 p.m. MDT in 10 languages. You can watch or join the conversation at

Put this event on your calendar for a Mutual or family activity.

Watch the 2 previous LDS Face-to-Face events:


Teens and Social Media

teensStudies show that managing technology and social media are among the top challenges facing today’s teens.

They are the tail end of the millennials, a group that is more tech savvy and socially connected than previous generations. But they are also among the most distracted. They are constantly bombarded by competing messages and find it difficult to know where to turn their attention at any given moment. And although they are more socially connected, many haven’t learned how to manage healthy in-person relationships.

Along with the benefits of technology and Internet access comes increasingly easy access to pornography.  Children may encounter it as young as age 7. Before they graduate high school, nearly all teens have seen pornography and many have become addicted to watching it. The images portrayed in pornography portray a fantasy that is unfounded in reality. They show exaggerated masculinity, exaggerated femininity, and sex without consequence. Such exaggerated fantasies damage teens by separating them from reality. The images are not about real or whole people and complete situations, but about imaginary people and unrealistic situations.

Our hypersexualized society also leads to sexual abuses. Some studies show that as many as 40% of teens have been sexually pressured and abused. Find family-friendly training to avoid child sexual abuse at taalk.org/training.

The article “Social media, substance abuse and dating violence dot rocky terrain of teen years” from the National Edition of the Deseret News provides helpful information and tips for parents.